#7  -  Jhorvid Alexander Ramirez
Points: 1 Cautions: 1
  Sun, 6/03/12   Kendall SC U-17/18 Yellow Card - Unsporting Behavior

Nationality: Venezuela
  Citizenship Information
Country of Citizenship:Venezuela
  Academic Information
High School:Cypress Bay High School          Grad. Year:  2011
College Commitment:none (currently attending FIU)
GPA: unweighted: 3.212 weighted:4.27         

 personal info:                                        Jhorvid Ramirez


                                                         205 Lakeview drive, apt 204

                                                                weston, fl, 33326


                                                       email: jhorvid.ramirez@gmail.com


position: central midfielder/attacking mid

foot: strong right and strong left

Academic Achievements:

*all honors and AP classes

*honors roll all three years of middle school

*Freshman year: algebra 1 hon, biology hon, eng 1 hon, world hist hon.

*sophomore year: eng 2 hon, geography hon, geometry hon, algebra 2 hon, chemistry 1 hon

*junior year: AP spanish language (spanish speakers), integrated math hon, physics hon, eng 3 hon, pre calculus, american hist hon.

*senior year: AP spanish literature (spanish speakers), AP government, AP macro-economics, AP micro-economics, Statistics hon, eng 4 hon.

*spanish honor society

*top 20% of 2011 class

*silver cord (more than 300 service hours)

*world languages literary and art fair - first place (2010)

School team:

Cypress bay high

club teams:

*weston fc development academy u-17/18 (2011-2012)

*weston fc premier (1st division since 2006 (moved from venezuela in 2005))

*brazilian soccer academy since 2002 (venezuela)

Soccer accomplishment/recognitions:

*varsity since freshman year

*district champions 4 years in a row

*regional finalist 2010

*regional champions 2011

*state champions class 6A 2011

*varsity captain 2011 (state champion team)

*defender with most goals and assist in the county

*all- county 2nd team for the sun-sentinel

*all-county 1st team for the miami herald.

*weston fc premier team captain (2010-2011)


Marcello Nevelef- USSF A license  gneveleff@aol.com 954-240-9043

Victor musa- USSF assistant coach vimusa@aol.com 305-796-6615

john ramos- USSF national license ramosport@aol.com 954-448-3571

victor pastora- weston fc boy’s director vhpastora@yahoo.com 305-282-3806


DOB 07/10/1993
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 157 lbs